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1 comment took me for 49.83 and did not send the medication i ordered

just another rip off for a poor person who is in pain and looking for relief

i hope someone stronger that me puts them in their place

it is so hard to get drs to understand that sometimes narcotic pain medicine is the only thing that help

break your back, tear up your knee, need hip replacement surgery, and they could care less

just tell you take motrin or tylenol and exercise

sure wish it was them or some one they loved in pain!


Monetary Loss: $49.

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Yes it is rediculus how pain is treated in this country. One reason is our fanatical government on any kind of drugs except alcohol. They make the doctors afraid to perscribe painkillers becaue the government will give them a hard time and make accusations that they are suppling drug's to people.

The best place to go for pain relief is not you family doctor but to a pain clinic. These people are trained in treating pain and are not afraid to give you what you need to stop the pain, Did you know that the longer pain goes on the harder it is to treat? If pain is treated at the onset you will need less medication and get relief sooner.

It is a pity that the medical professionals can't disinguish betweed people who are in dire pain and people who are adddicted to pain medication. Again a lack of training and education in our medical institutions.

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