USmedcenter - Took my money no meds

Beaumont, Texas 1 comment
Not resolved took me for 49.83 and did not send the medication i ordered

just another rip off for a poor person who is in pain and looking for relief

i hope someone stronger that me puts them in their place

it is so hard to get drs to understand that sometimes narcotic pain medicine is the only thing that help

break your back, tear up your knee, need hip replacement surgery, and they could care less

just tell you take motrin or tylenol and exercise

sure wish it was them or some one they loved in pain!


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Yes it is rediculus how pain is treated in this country. One reason is our fanatical government on any kind of drugs except alcohol. They make the doctors afraid to perscribe painkillers becaue the government will give them a hard time and make accusations that they are suppling drug's to people.

The best place to go for pain relief is not you family doctor but to a pain clinic. These people are trained in treating pain and are not afraid to give you what you need to stop the pain, Did you know that the longer pain goes on the harder it is to treat? If pain is treated at the onset you will need less medication and get relief sooner.

It is a pity that the medical professionals can't disinguish betweed people who are in dire pain and people who are adddicted to pain medication. Again a lack of training and education in our medical institutions. got me too. $19.95 for nothing.

San Jose, California 0 comments

I also tried to purchase meds online and got nothing but the 19.99 charge on my was no help either.

they were rude and I

dont expect to see my money anytime soon. As of now I have called a bunch of times and got nothing for my efforts. If i had to guess i would say that c2pay is aware of what is happening but since the world is totallly profit driven they just dont care. I am also sure they have some legal loophole found by some *** lawyer that protects them in the end.

I speak from experience.

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USmedcenter - Another rip off by US Med

Stone Mountain, Georgia 0 comments

You order product with faith the company will deliver. All this company does is take the order, charge you immediately, and continuously charge you for a service, which they they have no intentions of giving.

A Total Scam by Professional Scam Artists. The phone number is always busy and the web site is false.

Not only do you not receive product, but they continue to charge you, which means you have to take your time to go to the bank and try to straighten out.

This is the type of company that ruins it for all the honest people who do business over the internet.

I will never do this again.

Jerry Perkins

USmedcenter - US rip off

San Jose, California 0 comments
Not resolved

As in other complaints I have read, the company falsely represents themselves. they do not spell out membership terms or conditions until after they have charged your card.

they use a 3rd party to order your product, which requires a call to your physician before they fill orders. they do not contact you if not filling your order.

My bank informs me they are in Iceland. they have no direct customer service line, they use a 3rd party, who cannot assist in any refunds. I had to dispute my charge with my bank.

this company does not take responsibility to inform the consumer, just to take the money and run. I would advise you do not use the company.

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Washington, District Of Columbia 2 comments also known as lsm5-us-pay is a scam!!! They will charge your credit card a $19.95 "processing" fee and never send your ordered product!!! They say you can "Review and Confirm" your oder but it doesn't, it automatically charges your account without giving you an option to confirm or cancel your order.

I did not realize these two companies were the same until I got my confirmation and decided to research the billing company. I discovered they had numerous complaints of the same nature. All the other complaints were listed under (1-866-221-5391) so I had no idea they were one and the same company.

Had to cancel my credit card to stop charges!!


South Orange, New Jersey, United States #5197

You can add to their sham websites.I ordered on and never received my order.

I kept trying to call their number 866-385-5090, but kept getting a recording saying all circuits were busy. My credit card shows a charge from not lsm5-us-pay like the receipt said it would. I finally got a hold of a real person at 866-221-5391, but they would only refund the $19.95 back to my card. They would not refund the whole amt.

of $78.87 that was charged. They said I had to get in touch with Frontier pharmacy to get that money back. They also said they never heard of and said that was not one of the company names they use. I told them to look at the website, it is the same phone number and same address as USMedcenter.


I am so mad right now!I just want my money back!

Newark, New Jersey, United States #5126

total rip-off! they should have to pay for their deception and refund my money or at least answer their customer service line! 877-434-3329 -cowards!

USmedcenter - Please credit my account

Bluffton, South Carolina 1 comment
Not resolved has put a charge of $19.95 on Jan 3, 2008 on my visa credit card and I want to cancel this now.Please credit my account or just immediately stop automatic debit on credit card.

Please stop charging my visa card. Want to cancel this, haven't received anything from them nor heard anything from them. Do not want it.

I was told not to order and prescription drugs over the internet because of its fraud.

I will be very upset if this is on my visa again next month.

Please respond and answer my e-mail.Thank you very much!!

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Fultondale, Alabama, United States #1639

I am not sure if they ( will read this and most likely not. File a formal complaint and tell your credit card to block the charge from them.

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